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Choc with Fruit of Distinction award, presented in April for my performance at the "Pure Poetry" event which was part of the 2006 Fresh Fruit Festival. Thanks for a great evening, fruities! This year's events will be held from July 9-22. Click on the Fresh Fruit Festival link for updates.

Feminists Who Changed America 1963-1975
Edited by Barbara J. Love


This is the first comprehensive directory to document many of the founders and leaders of the second wave women's movement. It tells the stories of more than two thousand individual women and a few notable men who reignited the women's movement and made permanent changes to entrenched customs and laws (yes, I'm in it and perhaps you and/or some of your friends are too). Order the book from the University of Illinois Press.

                        *the audacity of dyke
                       tho jill said lesbian
                       the audacity of lesbian
                       the audacity of a nation
                       of  lesbians
                       that was jill
                       herself an entire
                       audacious lesbian nation
                       her dream
                       yours too
                      * For Jill Johnston: 1929 - 2010
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Ladies and Gentlemen : The Hudson Pier Poets

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In the Window at Macy's by Francine Fisch

Experience the *"quirky eroticism" of Chocolate Waters, the brilliance of Stephanie Emily Dickinson as she outshines her namesake, the courageous and tender Tony Vlachos, the down-home humor of the inimitable Mark Larsen, the "elegant yet gritty" words of Madeline Artenberg, the "quizzical eyebrow" of Larry Mallory, the "head-spinning punning" of Howard Fisch, the "idiosyncratic muscle" of Karl Gluck, the poignance of Ellen Golberg, the "graceful language" of Eileen Brilliant, the honesty of Sharon Silber, the distinctive yet gentle black humor of Nicholas Johnson and Paul Espel and the "lush, disturbing Third world of Andrew Kaufman" plus the work of 15 more outstanding, prize-winning poets and performing artists from New York City and beyond.

This limited edition has just been released from Eggplant Press so order your copy before they're all gone. A steal at $10. plus $1.50 postage and handling. order online here


*Quoted material from the introduction, "The Hudson Pier Poets: Ten Years by the River" by Stephanie Dickinson and Ellen Goldberg.

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Hi, thank you for stopping by. My name is Chocolate Waters and I'm a lesbian feminist poet and pioneer performance artist, and yes, Chocolate is my real name. I've been writing, performing and publishing my work for over three decades. Please enjoy the writing and audio files featured here and come back anytime.

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Chocolate Waters

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Looking for something different? Let Choc add flash and pizazz to your next event: a party, a roast, a toast, a bookstore reading, a high school assembly, a workshop, a protest … You name the event and she will tailor the material specifically for you and your audience. Always fun and thought-provoking; sometimes controversial, but a good time is guaranteed – or you'll be charged twice as much. ;-)
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"Chocolate Waters is brave, intrepid and funny!" - Robin Morgan, Sisterhood is Powerful, Ed.

�The sweetest Chocolate you'll ever know. She�s terrific�go see her!� - Flo Kennedy, Activist

"She's the funniest poet in America and I hope she makes me famous for saying it." - James Mechem, Editor Caprice  >More >>

The aim of Eggplant Submissions is to send out a poet's work to markets which will offer the poet the best chance for publication. In other words, we try to make the poems and the market be the best possible match. Of course, we cannot guarantee publication, but we can guarantee that we will do our absolute best to place your work. More >>


New York based Chocolate Waters found her name near Hershey, PA-- as you will hear in the first cut of her CD, a comedic/dramatic poetic monologue, a performance poetry taking its earliest cues from the Second Wave of Feminism. This dishy stuff is cooked up from a recipe of one part political sensibility, another part herstory, healthy amounts of sensitivity, splashes and dashes of the tummy tickling, and is ultimately topped off with personality that is both sassy and savvy.
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Written works on the web!

These poems are examples which span more than three decades. Early poems like "The Interview" and "Our Mothers Ourselves" were written in the 70's during what I now refer to as my "stomping radical feminist days". More current work like "The Wild Man of Ninth Avenue" and "The Singer" are about people in Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan where I have lived for nearly twenty years. Many of the poems here are included in To the man reporter from the Denver Post, Take Me Like A Photograph and Charting New Waters and may be ordered online here Enjoy!
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