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Ladies and Gentlemen:
The Hudson Pier Poets

Charting New Waters
Take Me Like A Photograph 

To the man reporter from the Denver Post
 Chocolate Waters Uncensored
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Hudson Pier Poets: Egg Plant Press
US$10.00 + $1.50 s&h

Ladies and Gentlemen
The Hudson Pier Poets

Eggplant Press (2002)*ISBN: 0-935060-00-6*

Cover Art "In the Window at Macy's" by Francine Fisch

Experience the *"quirky eroticism" of Chocolate Waters, the brilliance of Stephanie Emily Dickinson as she outshines her namesake, the courageous and tender Tony Vlachos, the down-home humor of the inimitable Mark Larsen, the "elegant yet gritty" words of Madeline Artenberg, the "quizzical eyebrow" of Larry Mallory, the "head-spinning punning" of Howard Fisch, the "idiosyncratic muscle" of Karl Gluck, the poignance of Ellen Golberg, the "graceful language" of Eileen Brilliant, the honesty of Sharon Silber, the distinctive yet gentle black humor of Nicholas Johnson and Paul Espel plus the work of 16 more outstanding, prize-winning poets and performing artists from New York City and beyond.

Charting New Waters: Chocolate Waters
US$10.00 + $1.50 s&h

Charting New Waters
Eggplant Press (1980)*SB ISBN 0-935060-06-5*$US10.00
Cover Design by Bourge Hathaway; Illustrations by Janet Fons

Chocolate Waters combines subtle narrative, humor, & sentiment into a pathfinding testament. Love is rewarded, hate despised & the confines of the heart present infinite possibilities. For her, life is always on the road.

*On The Occasion Of My Lover's Celibacy
*Passing Through El Paso

Take Me Like A Photograph: Chocolate Waters
Take Me Like A Photograph
Eggplant Press (1980)*SB ISBN 0-935060-02-2*
Art Direction by Bourge Hathaway; Photographs by Cher Van & Cinda Roth

*To Sergi With Love
*Everyone's Writing About Their Grandmothers These Days

With writing that ranges through everyday life, desperate erotica & many other things, Chocolate Waters brings a stunning sense of community into play. She transforms the reader into something more than an audience - more like a partner. Perhaps, even, a lover.

Out of Print but may be ordered from Amazon.com

To the man reporter from the Denver Post: Chocolate Waters
US$10.00 + $1.50 s&h
To the man reporter from the Denver Post
Eggplant Press (1980)*SB ISBN:0-935060-05-7*$US10.00
Cover Design by Bourge Hathaway; Cover Photograph by Cinda Roth; Graphics by MaryAlice Guthrie

Poems of rage & sly observation, supported by strong technique, collide & synthsize into the unique vision of Chocolate Waters.

*Our Mothers Ourselves
*Woman Of The Billboard

Also available by postal mail from
Eggplant Press, 415 W. 44th. St., Suite 7, New York, NY 10036 (USA).
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