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Gal Janice Perry (a.k.a. Gal) is one of the most exciting solo performers you will ever experience. I first met her at the WOW Cafe in Manhattan, back in the early 80's. Based in Vermont, she travels all over Europe for half the year, toting her underwear and various props in a 40-pound+ knapsack - on her back. She's not only a trooper - who has won more awards than God - all totally deserved - she's an absolute delight and one of my favorite women ever. I love her unconditionally and you will too. Listen to some hilarious audio clips then buy her latest video, Holy Sh*T - or you will die from regret!

Francine Witte is one of the most gifted poets and flash fiction writers I know. Her new book, The Wind Twirls Everything is now available from MuscleHead Press. You can read samples here. Also check out Fran's new critique service, EZ Critique for fast and professional assistance with your writing.

Holly ClitIf it wasn't for Holly Hughes I would not be in New York. In the early 80's she not only opened her home to me, but also madly sucked my clit. OK, that last part isn't true - but she did graciously take me in, saving me from returning to small town life in Mt. Joy(less), PA. I have always loved her for that. Not only is Holly one of the wittiest women ever, she is an absolutely lovely person and a dynamic solo performer and playwright who gives new meaning to the word outrageous. Get a copy of Clit Notes before it becomes such a collectors' item that you will never be able to find it again!


I found Lynn Jericho in a Landmark Education seminar in 2003 and was totally entranced by her and her ideas. Later I had the opportunity to take one of her workshops, where I met her conversational partner in crime, Bethene LeMahieu. These two brilliant and compassionate women created the audio series, "Ground Zero and the Human Soul - the Search for the New Ordinary Life. With the historic experience of 9/11 as a backdrop, they paint a picture of "9/12” that embraces both the intimacy of each individual life and the vastness of the world. You, your neighbor, your friends, every citizen and world leader in every region of the world ... have an inner life . . . where truth, harmony and goodness struggle with fear, doubt and hatred. In these six inspiring conversations you can rebuild your soul and the world, starting from ground zero.Lynn and Bethene are also providing an exciting new workshop, the Outrageous Feminine: I’d suggest you get in soon as participation is limited.

I've been in awe of Dori Hartley 's talent as a performer, musician and lyricist since I first met her in 1983 at Lewie Friedman's incomparable S.N.A.F.U. in Manhattan where she was a regular. In '96 Dori released a spectacular album, Blue Djinn, which enjoyed a lot of success. There's something both intriguing and compelling in every one one of the ten cuts on Blue Djinn, all written and composed by Dori and Peter Min. Here's my favorite clip: Wild Blue Heart. The album is out of print, but you can get a copy from Half.com or from Amazon.com You've never heard a voice like hers! Check it!

Judith Judith Witherow is a character. There is no other way to describe her. Well, yes there is; she is a character with a conscience, a marvelously-honed and experienced social and political conscience. And she can write about it in a way that will give you new insight and perspective and a good chuckle too. She does this like no one else you have ever read. Savor her stories and essays like "Walking With Wolves" and "Mike Meets the Dykes;" then get yourself a copy of her beautifully written and illustrated first book of poems and photographs, All Things Wild. I love you, Judith! You are the best!

poetry, poems and poets at Everypoet.com

This site is dedicated to showcasing lesbian creative women,
both amateur and professional authors, artists, musicians,
songwriters, craftswomen etc. Submit some work for
publication and tell Bec that Chocolate sent you.

The topsy-turvy world of Roger Bonner, a fine poet from Switzerland.

A comprehensive index of poets and poetry sites.
Also includes fine poems by Mr. Martin himself.
Patrick Martin's Poetry Resource

Heartfelt poems by the southern poet, Latorial Faison.
Poetically Speaking

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New and Improved Poetry Value from Jennifer Poteet-Mallory.
Four more ounces than the 12 oz. brands! Jennifer is hot, folks!

Grappling with past, present, and future, Craig Szwed shares
many facets of his life. From issues surrounding his spiritual faith,
to his Viet Nam experience and his unit's websites, from his biblical
apologetics, to his personal poetry, what hair he has he lets down to
share his own living experience with the reader.

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In this short, powerful ebook, Ellen DuBois poignantly tells of her miscarriage, outlines steps toward
recovery, and provides online support resources.

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